The Revolutionary Years - 1916 and onwards

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The Revolutionary Years - 1916 and onwards


Ireland 1916; Ireland 20th century history; Cork 1916


A collection of pamphlets and postcards relating to events and the history around 1916 and the years after.


Cork County Library


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Various - postcards, printed pamphlets and small books


1916 Collection

Items in the The Revolutionary Years - 1916 and onwards Collection

1916 Postcards - Padraig Mac Piarais
1916 Commemorative postcard of Padraig Mac Piarais

1916 Postcards - Roger Casement
1916 Commemorative postcard of Casement at Banna Strand.

1916 Postcards - the first Dail
1916 Commemorative postcard of the first Dail

1916 Postcards - the Asgard
1916 commemorative postcard of The Asgard

1916 Postcards - Liberty Hall
1916 Commemorative postcard of Liberty Hall

1916 Postcards - Battle of Carlisle Bridge
1916 Commemorative postcard of the Battle of Carlisle Bridge

1916 Postcards - Proclamation
1916 Commemorative postcard of Padraig Pearse reading the Proclamation

1916 Postcards - John F. Kennedy at Arbour Hill
1916 Commemorative postcard of John F. Kennedy at Arbour Hill

1916 Postcards - Beggar's Bush
1916 Commemorative postcard of Beggar's Bush

1916 Postcards - Sackville Street
1916 Commemorative postcard of Sackville Street after the conflict

1916 Postcards - GPO
1916 Commemorative postcard of the GPO, Dublin

A collection of poetry by Toirdhealbhach Mac Suibhne. Irish mythology and history are among the recurring themes in a poetry collection from Terence MacSwiney.

Cumann na mBan 1917-1918
Pamphlet by Cumann na mBan outlining their constitution, policies and suggested activities for 1917-1918. A chronology of the activities of the organisation in Cork and throughout Ireland by prominent member Lil Conlon.

English Atrocities in Ireland 1917-1918
A pamphlet from 1919, including very detailed lists by Sinn Féin of people detained, deported and jailed for Republican activities.

A Handbook for Rebels: a guide to the successful defiance of the British Government
A collection of speeches of British statesmen, lawyers and legislators pertaining to the rebellion in Ulster. Compiled by Thomas Johnson, leader of the Irish Labour Party, the speeches are by opponents of the Republican cause.

Hunger - a Dublin story by James Esse
James Esse was a pen-name used by James Stephens (1880-1950), an Irish writer, poet and playwright. He was part of the Irish literary revival. He contributed essays to "The Irish Citizen" and "The Irish Worker" during the Rebellion.
Hunger is a…

The Fenian Songbook
A songbook containing a selection of Fenian songs and ballads.

Cuimhneachán 1916 - 1966
A record of Ireland's commemoration of the 1916 Rising. Published by the Dept. of External Affairs in 1966. The 90 page book gives a detailed account of events along with many photographs and details of commemorations events in 1966.

Pictorial Review of 1916
"A complete and historically accurate account of the events which occurred in Dublin in Easter Week. Fully illustrated". A magazine style publication, written by S.P. Kelly, possibly in 1946.

In search of Terence MacSwiney
A short pamphlet on Terence MacSwiney and religion and spirituality.

Ireland and Poland: a comparison
A comparison of Ireland and Poland and the campaign for national parliaments in both countries.

List of Cork Volunteers deported May and June 1916
The list is compiled from two different sources: the official list of prisoners taken from the "Sinn Fein Rebellion Handbook" published by the "Weekly Irish Times", Dublin, 1916; and from the records of Joseph Murray, secretary to the Volunteers'…

Ceiliúradh 1916: Mallow remembers: souvenir brochure
A booklet of the 1916 commemorations in Mallow in 1966.

Oidhreacht 1916 - 1966
A book produced in 1966 to commemorate the 1916 Rising, in both English and Irish and containing many photographs.

Republican Plot - St. Finbar's Cemetery, Cork
Pamphlet describing the Republican Plot in St. Finbar's Cemetery Cork. Outlines the history of the plot and the memorial monument. It also lists the names of the those buried.

The Sea and the Easter Rising 1916
A distinguished maritime/marine historian on how Britain kept control of the waters in 1916.

The Secret History of the Irish Volunteers
This pamphlet is part of a series: Tracts for the Times. It covers the background to the Irish Volunteers split with John Redmond by The O'Rahilly, treasurer of the Irish Volunteers.

The Sinn Féin Rebellion Handbook
A complete and connected narrative of the Rising with special colour map from “The Irish Weekly Times”.

Voices of the Past
Extracts from the writings and speeches of Irish patriots.

The Manchester Martyrs
To mark the 150th anniversary of the Manchester Martyrs the Local Studies library has compiled the following information boards the subject.

1917 Election poster
A copy of the resolution passed by Cork Board of Guardians in May 1917 relating to the election in South Longford and voicing their support for a particular candidate.

Correspondence of Dr. O'Dwyer, Bishop of Limerick
A pamphlet of letters and the full speech made at Limerick on the occasion of the conferring of the Freedom of the City of Limerick on Dr. O'Dwyer, Bishop of Limerick, on 14th September 1916.

Ireland's case against conscription by Eamonn de Valera
A pamphlet by Eamonn de Valera on the threat of conscription in Ireland.

The Volunteers in Cork
An excerpt from Cork County Library's Southern Echoes of 1916 exhibition. These sections covered the history of the Volunteer movement in County Cork and their role in 1916.

The Bodenstown Series No. 1 - How does she stand? by P.H. Pearse
Three addresses by Padraig Pearse:
Theobald Wolfe Tone - an address delivered at the grave of Wolfe Tone in Bodenstown Churchyard, 22nd June 1913.
Robert Emmet and the Ireland of To-day: an address delivered at the Emmet Commemoration in New York…

The Bodenstown Series No. 2 - From a Hermitage by P.H. Pearse
A series of articles on Irish Volunteers June 1913 to January 1914.

The Bodenstown Series No. 3 - The Murder Machine by P.H. Pearse
A pamphlet by Padraig Pearse on a series of studies of the English education system in Ireland.

Ourselves alone in Ulster by Alice Stopford Green
A pamphlet on Home Rule by Alice Stopford Green