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James N. Healy in The Yeomen of the Guard : graphic.
James N. Healy as Jack Point, in Gilbert and Sullivans 'The Yeomen of the Guard'. He founded the Gilbert and Sullivan Society (G&S Group) and adopted the name Nigel Hay for his stage work. Performed at Cork Opera House. Image no 00001.

Jack Riordan and Dan Donovan in Hut 42 : graphic.
Jack Riordan and Dan Donovan in John B. Keane's Hut 42. Image no 00002, 00061 (duplicate).

Eamon Nash : graphic.
Eamon Nash acted with the Theatre of the South for original productions of Backwater, The Pure of Heart, and The Spraying of John O'Dorey by John B. Keane. Image no 00043.

Michael Twomey and Siobhan O'Brien in Slag : graphic.
Michael Twomey as James Bond and Siobhan O' Brien as Pussy Galore. 'Slag' was a satirical revue show produced in the early 1960's. The show was performed at the Group Theatre. Image no 00044.

Jim and Dick Healy : graphic.
Jim and Dick Healy. Image no 00045.

Maairain Nai Shae and Flor Dullea in Tarry Flynn : graphic.
'Tarry Flynn' is an adaptation of Patrick Kavanagh's novel of the same title. Maairain Nai Shae was a teacher in Cork. Flor Dullea appeared in plays with the Theatre of the South and Southern Theatre Group. Image no 00017.

Siobhan O'Brien as Prince Charming in Cinderella : graphic.
Fr Matthew Hall, 1959-60. Image no 00016.

Siobhan O'Brien : graphic.
Image no 00029.

Maureen Fenton : graphic.
Image no 00030.

Dick Healy in The Student Prince : graphic.
Produced and performed by the G.&S. Group at the Palace Theatre. Image no 00080.

Anna Grace in Sharon's Grave : graphic.
Anna Grace in John B Keane's 'Sharon's Grave'. Image no 00060.

The cast of The Gamecock at Fr. Mathew Hall : graphic.
Back row: Dan Coughlan, Pat Fenton, Ronnie O'Shaughnessy, Jack Riordan, Ben Power, Melody McNamara, Maurice O'Donovan, James N. Healy, Michael Twomey, Kenny Lee. Front row: Mary O'Donovan, Marie Twomey, Gerry (Johnston) McLoughlin, Ger Lehane.…

Michael Casey : graphic.
Image no 00018. Michael Casey, from Cork, was the first resident musical conductor at the Cork Opera House. He was also assistant head of light music in R.T.E. and has conducted the R.T.E. Concert Orchestra.

Jim O'Connell : graphic.
Image no 00019.

Helen Gilleece : graphic.
Helen Gilleece appeared in Gilbert & Sullivan shows at Cork Opera House. Image no 00013.

Gordon Blair : graphic.
Gordon Blair was involved with the Gilbert and Sullivan productions in Cork. Image no 00014.

Pat Navan : graphic.
Image no 00015 (duplicate of 00128). Pat Navan was musical director for Gilbert & Sullivan shows in the Cork Opera House.

Abbey Scott : graphic.
Image no 00028.

Joyce Blackham in The Student Prince : graphic.
Joyce Blackham was a talented mezzo-soprano singer. 'The Student Prince' was performed at the Palace Theatre. Image no 00021.