Castlemore, Near Crookstown : from "Castles in County Cork", Vol. 02, no. 05 : graphic

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Castlemore, Near Crookstown : from "Castles in County Cork", Vol. 02, no. 05 : graphic


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Transcript of text: - Page 01. CASTLEMORE. Near Crookstown. - Smith. Vol. I. p.207. Built by the McSwineys and afterwards owned by the McCarthys. It is in repair, Mr Travers lives in it. It belonged to John Bailey, whose daughter married Mr Rye in 1661. - Lewis. Vol.II. p.398. A beautiful and romantic ruin, built by the McSwineys in the 15th Century. It passed by marriage to the McCarthys and Phelim Mc Owen having joined in the Civil War of 1641, the castle was forfeited by the Crown. - Cork Journal. 1892. p.215. Photo. In the Fiants it is called Castlemore or Great Castle by Moviddy. A very large structure. The curtain wall followed the outline of limestone rock. There were 3 wards, the outer one is quarried away. At the S.W. is a Keep, very ruinous
at the S.E. corner is a smaller but better preserved tower. The inner ward is a rectangle, with the Keep on its S.W. angle. On its E. side is a wall that separates the middle ward. Beside the Keep was the Lord's residence, the kitchen fireplace still remains. The W. side of the Keep has gone, the S. wall is in a very precarious state. The stairs in the N.E. angle are blocked up. A pair of arched floors, the lower circular, extending from the E. to the W. walls, the upper pointed stretching the reverse way, from S. This is very unusual. The E. Keep is small but in good condition, it has an arched floor high up. The stairs are very narrow. These ruins stand on a high rock, much excavated for lime. In the space west of the Keep are signs of a late addition, a basement and two floors over it, two windows and signs of a fireplace. There seems to have been a large hall in the N.E. angle of the middle ward. - - Page 02. CASTLEMORE. - The perfect tower in the S.E. angle of this ward is 47ft high. There is a large loop window in the basement splaying from 4ft inside to 6ft outside (now closed up). At the adjacent corner in the E. wall is an equally large loop opening. In the S.E. tower at Ballincollig there are 2 similar loops. They wer


Healy, James N. James Nagle, 1916-1993.




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Healy, James N. James Nagle, 1916-1993., “Castlemore, Near Crookstown : from "Castles in County Cork", Vol. 02, no. 05 : graphic,” Local Studies Digital Library, accessed May 21, 2019,