Carrigaphooka, Near Macroom : from "Castles in County Cork", Vol. 02, no. 03 : graphic

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Carrigaphooka, Near Macroom : from "Castles in County Cork", Vol. 02, no. 03 : graphic


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Transcript of text: - Page 01. CARRIGAPHOOKA. Near Macroom. - Smith. Vol. I. p. 190. Built by the Mac Carthys of Drishane. The entrance is by a high rock of dangerous footing, where no more than one person at a time can climb, and he must be very active. This rock is inaccessible on every other side, and hangs frightfully over the Sullane. - Lewis. Vol. I. p.355. (Clondrohid) A square tower, nearly entire, one of the most perfect specimens of early architecture of the castles of that time. It is built on an isolated rock in the vale of the SuIlane. - Caulfield's Notes to Smith. (II. 43.). Carrigaphooka, in possession of Owen Teig Mac Cartie 1600. It is not mentioned in the forfeitures of 1641. - Cork Journal. 1901. p.131. Photo. The retreat of Cormac Teig Mac Carthy after the defeat of the Spaniards at Kinsale in 1601. From here he wrote a penitent letter to the Lord President. - 1937. In good condition, repaired by the Board of Works. A low square headed door
inside it, on the left, is the foot of the stairs, which run up to the room above the stone vault. This is rather high up. A passage runs along in the wall on the side facing the river. This room has three large windows
on the E. side is a small room, and in the N.E. corner a stairs up to the parapet. In this corner, on the top of the castle, is a machicolated projection, partly ruined
there is a similar one at the S.W. corner. From the top of the castle one can trace the altered course of the Sullane, which now runs at some distance from the base of the castle, there are also some traces of what was probably the foundation of the Bawn wall. - Download size (PDF): 402 KB. Image no Vol_02-03.


Healy, James N. James Nagle, 1916-1993.




Cork County Library


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Healy, James N. James Nagle, 1916-1993., “Carrigaphooka, Near Macroom : from "Castles in County Cork", Vol. 02, no. 03 : graphic,” Local Studies Digital Library, accessed May 24, 2019,